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Dr. Jim Elder-Woodward OBE

Born with cerebral palsy, James Elder-Woodward has had a life-long experience of disability, not only as a health and social service user but also as a service provider, planner and researcher.

After taking a degree in psychology, he studied health and social welfare in Sweden, Germany, Israel and Albania.  In the UK, he has worked for central government, local authorities, the health service, the voluntary sector and universities.

He retired from Glasgow City Council in 1999, where he was a Senior Social Work Officer (Physical Disability).  Whilst working within local government he established both indirect and direct payments throughout the west of Scotland; as well as assisting in the development of the Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living, alongside other disabled people. 
He is now:

  • Chair of the Scottish Independent Living Coalition
  • Convenor of the Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living;
  • Board Member of Inclusion Scotland
  • Board Member of Capability Scotland

He has written a number of articles and papers on disability and independent living, including co-authoring a book for social care workers on the subject.

He controls his own 24/7 personal support system.