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Your donation to Capability Scotland means our customers can continue to live their lives to the full, even in these challenging times.

Capability Scotland provides exemplary care, support, and education for disabled people across Scotland. Like all of us, Covid-19 has had a significant impact on our lives but our customers still rely on the services we provide to live their lives. We need your help.

Our staff are proud key workers, and are still working on the front-lines in the care sector, continuing to deliver expert care and support even in the face of adversity.

Your donations and support to us ensure we can purchase those added extras that make a huge difference right now. Stuck inside our care homes, or being in their own independent tenancies, our customers rely on us to make their lives more engaging when we can't be out enjoying the world together. Your donations help us to purchase fun games, different ways to use technology, and ways of #CreatingSmiles.

As well as providing more support for our customers, your generous donation allows us to continue to recognise our front-line staff and to thank them in better ways.

Thank you for helping!


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