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14 May 2021

International Nurses Day

Jackie Glover

It was International Nurses Day on Wednesday 12 May and we caught up with Jackie, our Lead Nurse, who works in our schools.

What is the best part of your job as a nurse in our schools?

"Every day is different and seeing the joy and achievement of each individual child makes each day worthwhile."

Do you find it more of a challenge to keep up to date with nursing practice and developments when not being a “traditional” nursing setting like a hospital or clinic?

"It has very different challenges than “traditional” nursing but the resources available and the support and encouragement given help to keep my skills and practices up to date." 

Hopefully the covid-19 pandemic is coming to an end and of course we shouldn’t be complacent, but how did the past year compare to the rest of your career so far? Was it harder? Much the same each day?

"On a general nursing basis, things were not too much different, just different challenges with extra PPE etc. but one of the biggest challenges was the emotional one, keeping myself safe in order to protect the children and staff in my service. Also, the difference between nursing in a private/charity care setting compared to NHS was very evident, especially with members of the public/society."

And lastly, if you could talk about nursing as a career in one word, what would your word be?