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22 November 2023

#GivingTuesday: Chloe's Story, Day 3


Chloe was struggling to navigate the twists of everyday life, especially when leaving the comfort and security of her home. Then along came Socky, a puppet toy dog, a hidden gem found by her mum in a local charity shop.

Now, inseparable buddies, Chloe and Socky have their own language—Socky barks for joy, nods, and looks down and shakes his heads to symbolise Chloe’s feeling and emotions to others.

Recognising Chloe's need for more support, her social worker introduced her to Capability Scotland's YouthZone project in Edinburgh.

Tomorrow, we will explore more about YouthZone and continue this heartwarming journey together. Curious about Chloe's path to empowerment or want to lend a hand? Find out more by following the link.

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