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24 December 2023

Our Christmas Song

Artboard 10

Celebrate Creativity this Christmas with Capability Scotland.

The Gift of Colour

Sarah loves to paint at our Craigmillar Hub in Edinburgh. For her, it’s much more than an activity, she loves to use colour to share her creative spark whilst expressing her feelings and emotions.

Starting with a blank canvas Sarah uses paint, colour and creativity to express herself visually. Sometimes we all struggle to find the right words for what we want to say, and Sarah is no different. As well as being aesthetically beautiful, her art can illustrate how she feels through a different medium.

Giving the gift of creativity this Christmas allows Sarah to continue expressing herself through painting. Your gift of £10 can provide new palettes and fresh canvas for Sarah – and she might even let you purchase a finished masterpiece!

The Gift of Adventure

Harris is a non-verbal, smiley young gent who loves learning at Stanmore House School in Lanark. Bringing literature to life through sensory experiences is the real page-turner for Harris. Interacting with touch and feel, smells and sensations allows his imagination to journey through poems and stories, making fiction thrive!

Giving the gift of creativity this Christmas gives Harris the opportunity to immerse himself in sensory stories, like those created by our friends at the Scottish Poetry Library. Your gift of £100 can fund a sensory storyteller for Harris, bringing books to life and taking him on new adventures.

The Gift of Memories

The Vines of Time is an art installation that blooms like no other, and the best part is that it will remain evergreen for everyone to enjoy. The stunning visual project, made from simple rope, card and paper, was created by the talented art group at out Craigmillar Hub in Edinburgh.

Cultivated over two years, the vines span two walls with hundreds of handmade, verdant leaves, reminiscent of ivy climbing up a country manor.

These leaves are something special though: each features a photo, a drawing, a collage, or a familiar name. Each green leaf represents the memory of someone we have supported over the time our charity has grown, as well as events where the lives of the people we support and Capability Scotland have flourished together.

Giving the gift of creativity this Christmas lets our artists make more memories together. Your gift of £50 can turn little bulbs of ideas into powerful, flowering experiences that are not only remembered for the lives of the people living them but help inspire others in the future.

The Gift of Music

Lewis' support team in Dundee are a musical bunch, particularly in the rock genre. This has struck a chord with Lewis who has become a big fan of Guns N Roses and their infamous guitar player, Slash. Lewis started learning the guitar himself last year.

Lewis’ parents bought him a build-a-guitar kit for his birthday and his Support Worker, James, set to work with him. Lewis and James worked away on every step together: sanding, priming, painting, even wiring the electric guitar together. Now Lewis can continue to express himself through music, with his very own, self-made guitar.

Giving the gift of creativity this Christmas enables Lewis to continue exploring his passion for music. Your gift of £25 can produce the beats and rhythms to make Lewis’s music reach a crescendo.

Your Gift

Every day at Capability Scotland we aim to challenge stereotypes and create smiles by facilitating unique experiences that ignite confidence, inspire creativity, and develop the independence of the people we support. Creativity and the arts are integral to this, these mediums enable the people we support to make a social statement, express their feelings, experience learning and have their voices heard. Whether it be through painting, music or storytelling their work says “I am here, look beyond the surface, hear my voice".