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12 March 2024

Heritage Heroes Award

Former nursery teacher and pupil reunited

Capability Scotland's Stanmore House School has been working on the Heritage Hero Explorer Award from Archaeology Scotland. The school, based in the historic market town of Lanark, is the first ASN school in South Lanarkshire to achieve accreditation since the award began in 2017.

The school-wide project explored the origins of Stanmore House beginning in 1957 and following its history throughout the years. The depth and breadth of the project involved the learners, who have complex and profound learning needs, in a variety of experiences based on the award’s five headings: plan, investigate, engage, reflect, and inspire.

Certificate red carpetThe learners explored Stanmore's roots in Lanark's heritage through interviews with former pupils and community members, by reviewing archived press cuttings and materials and by far the favourite, participating in games and music across the decades. The learners boogied to 50s rock ‘n’ roll, played giant marbles, discoed through the 70s, played giant Hungry Hippos and spent the 90s raving with some ‘big fish, little fish, cardboard box!’  A highlight for everyone was getting in touch with a former pupil from Stanmore, who attended the school over 40 years ago and shared stories about his time there.

Acting Principal Teacher, Linsey Crooks, said "One of our core values is teamwork. We’d been looking for a whole-school project to get everyone involved in doing something collectively. Whilst the young people experience a variety of projects over the year, this particular work with Archaeology Scotland allowed us to work together for something tangible in a shorter timeframe leading to the Explorer Award.” "The children have genuinely responded brilliantly, digging around in our history and getting our local community involved has been fantastic, a real broadening of the learners’ experiences."


Linsey mentioned, "The timing of the award and the work behind it felt right, as Capability Scotland is considering removing the original building for safety reasons. We felt it was an important point in the school's journey to reflect, record and share our history and heritage".

The project concluded with a showcase coffee morning at Stanmore, attended by current and former pupils, staff, parents and families, as well as members of the Lanark community. It provided the opportunity to review a historical display of Stanmore over the decades and enjoy a video of learning experiences and heartwarming reunions between former teachers, care staff and pupils meeting again after many years.

Chief Executive of Capability Scotland, Brian Logan, and Head Teacher, Clare McCarron, presented the learners of Stanmore with their Explorer Award certificates at the event.

Linsey pupils presenting