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18 June 2024

On Top of the World

Abseil 2024 1

On Sunday 16th June an intrepid band of fundraisers assembled at the foot of one of Scotland's most iconic landmarks, the Forth Rail Bridge. Partner organisations, corporate friends, individual supporters and Capability Scotland staff members were among over 500 brave souls who signed up to abseil the bridge to raise money for more than 30 charities. 

The day was damp and grey until, like magic, the sun appeared at 4pm, just in time for the #TeamCapability abseilers to set off on the climb upwards. A first time experience for many who'd never contemplated dangling 165ft in the air for fun, everyone returned to terra firma sporting huge grins (some of relief, some of delight).

We're so grateful to all of these amazing people who pushed through their nerves to raise nearly £7000 (and counting) to help support disabled people in Scotland.

Thank you!

Find out what Zaara and Sarah thought of their abseil adventure.