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Wallace Court is a residential care home providing accommodation on a permanent or long-term basis for disabled adults with physical or learning disabilities.

3cbed029 86a5 4b4e bcf5 f3a19fbc225eWe love creating a homely environment at Wallace Court, and focus on having fun and enjoying life. Our goals are to enable you to have a meaningful and fulfilling life. Everyone should feel safe and cared for as well as being able to reach all your hopes and dreams.

Our Facilities

Based in Elderslie, near Johnstone, we have 20 individual apartments, each of which is fully accessible for differing needs. Our en-suites are wet room designed, meaning we can fit tracking hoist facilities within them to assist you. You are welcome to decorate your apartment and personal space how you see fit - to suit your individuality.

We have plenty of communal indoor space, with two large lounges, a conservatory, as well as private outdoor spaces. We have a large dining room and our own chef who caters to a variety of diets – we have delicious, home-cooked meals every day.

Within our grounds, we have a sensory room for relaxing in, and a massage therapist who attends twice a week to help you feel pampered or to provide some care to sore muscles.

Speaking of relaxing, outside we have our new “Retreat” area which is set in the wooded area just behind us. This is our summerhouse, which has large glass windows on one side facing the woods, so you can enjoy the wildlife – and whilst it’s a summer house, it’s fully heated so you can actually enjoy it all year round!

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We have a lot of love for plants and animals at Wallace Court, and we enjoy taking care of them. We have three resident goats who live outside, as well as fish and guinea pigs who live inside. We’ve got a lot of gardening facilities and we work with the Royal Horticultural Society to gain some excellent qualifications. Our new greenhouse will be built soon, too.

Out and About

In Wallace Court people thrive on going out and about: we might be a care home and people live with us but that doesn’t mean we stay inside all the time. We like involving our local community in as much of our lives as we can and we enjoy being everyone’s second family.

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Wallace Court, Johnstone

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