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The Studio is a service where every moment has potential.

We provide day opportunities to adults in Perth and the surrounding areas, as well as the residents of the Upper Springland care home. Our service is fully accessible to everyone and our goal is to help you lead your life to the fullest.

Rewarding Activities

We always have lots of fun things going on in The Studio for you to get involved in: our Makaton singing group, line dancing, arts and crafts, and much more.

Everything we do at The Studio is inclusive of everyone – no matter what your ability, you can take part. And we do so in a way that promotes your independence and your enjoyment. We also work with you to access the local Perth community, getting out and about when the weather’s good.

We’re passionate about you deciding what’s right for you, so this is why we involve you in the direction and plans for The Studio – when it’s time to sit down and review what activities and tasks we want to do, you are at the heart of that process.

Our Facilities

As well as our rewarding activities that take place every day, we benefit from being situated on the Upper Springland campus. This means we can offer you a range of therapeutic and health-based activities, too. We have an inclusive gym, designed for people with disabilities, a hydrotherapy pool, and a rebound room.

We have a fully-equipped IT suite for developing digital skills and a theatre so we can get musical and practise our acting skills.


A Welcoming and Social Environment

A big part of what makes The Studio a great place to be is our welcoming environment. We focus on creating lasting friendships between our customers and we think it’s really rewarding when people can get together and socialize with each other when they may not usually be able to. All our facilities in The Studio are adapted so that everything you might need or want to use is within easy reach and designed for you to use. We’ve thought of everything to make this a great environment for you – and if we haven’t thought of it, let us know!

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