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At Craigmillar, we are a day opportunities hub. We offer a variety of activities that the people we support can be involved in.  We encourage people to be independent, learn new skills and have new experiences. We are all about expression, developing new talents and making friends.  

Our Art and Sewing/Craft rooms are a great place to be creative and express yourself. We like to work with different mediums in Art and can have anyone, whether you’re an experienced artist or having your first brush with paints, making masterpieces in no time. We can adapt the tools and materials to enable anyone to take part, whatever type of support you need. In sewing and crafts, we can use switches to control sewing machines and make professional quality items that can be taken home, given as gifts or sold in a gallery. We like to collaborate with artwork made in the art room and then used in crafts to print cards, bags and mugs on our hot plate. Not only do we enjoy creating, but love to share our work! 

We offer cooking and baking sessions, music groups, Dungeons and Dragons, digital photography, and a newsletter produced right here using IT. We have lots of adapted technology and run a popular assisted communication group.  

Our new sensory space can be a chilled-out relaxing session or can be turned into an exciting, stimulating sensory experience.  

We also provide support in the community for you to access classes, dance sessions, various leisure sessions and many others.   

We offer our customers a respectful, encouraging, and safe space to meet their goals. Care and support needs are met so that you can focus on what means the most to you. We’ll work to create a tailor-made Caring Support package which is led by you, for you, and only you. 

We like to work beyond the bounds of the service, too. Capability Scotland is happy and able to support our Customers in accessing community projects and venues, playing sports outdoors, and much more. We use the local bus services to travel easily within Edinburgh, making the most of what our communities have to offer. Whatever your goals and outcomes, the Craigmillar Hub can help you achieve them. 

We can help you with all aspects of daily living, helping promote your independence and self-confidence to be the best you that you can be. 

It’s a great time to be at Craigmillar just now.  Our service can flexible with the hours it can offer, with many of the day activities being currently being provided between 9am and 4pm. 

We also support a short break service for the people we support who are in receipt of respite funding, supporting people in their own homes or in a short break flat in Edinburgh.  This service continues to grow and develop and offers new experiences to people who wish this support.

Craigmillar, Edinburgh 11 Harewood Road,
EH16 4NT
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