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Cool Lines Canvas

Cool Lines Canvas

£59.99 - £119.99

Colours and lines in cool colours. Acrylic on canvas, mixed media with upcycled wool. Whilst we are happy to sell the individual canvases, we recommend the pair for a fuller effect.

The artists of Capability Scotland would like to thank you for your interest in their work. They will continue to create new artwork for sale when the health climate permits.

Our artists' mission is:

  • to support and enable individuals to design and make artwork that highlights their choices, abilities and skills within art, through an enabling process from beginning to end;
  • a wish to promote disability art and customers skills to the wider community; 
  • to promote access, inclusion and promising opportunities to people with all types of disabilities;
  • change public opinion on disability art to a more positive mindset based on the social model of disability.

Our artists have used as many recycled and upcycled materials as possible when creating these works and endeavour to continue this ethos.

Any profits from sold artwork will go directly to the creator of the work, or where this is a group work, it will go towards purchasing further materials and equipment for the art studios.

Artists are happy to commission any arts or crafts as requested, when the health climate allows this.

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