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PXL 20240404 142828555 4A happy-go-lucky 66-year-old supported through our North Lanarkshire Services, joined by his doting mother, Mary, and younger sister, Andrea.

Together, they have a remarkable family bond, always ready to lift each other up with laughter and smiles, together through life’s ups and downs as a wonderful team.
For over six decades, Capability Scotland has been instrumental in empowering Gerry and his family to embrace a life filled with joy and contentment, ensuring that they thrive in their journey towards fulfilment and happiness.

Gerry’s journey with Cerebral Palsy began as a baby, when his parents, noticing his inability to sit in his pram, sought medical advice. Upon diagnosis, they recognised the importance of providing Gerry with the additional support required to enable him to live his fullest life and avoid institutionalisation.

They discovered the vital support they needed through us, the charity now recognised as Capability Scotland. And for the past 64 years, we’ve been right there by Gerry’s side, standing with him and his family throughout his life.
Gerry’s story with us is nothing short of inspiring. From his early years at Stanmore and Braidwood for residential schooling to our continued support in the community, we’ve been there every step of the way.

Our guidance and support have enabled Gerry to not only find his footing but to flourish, emerging as a popular figure in his local community. With a passion for church activities, games, and travel, Gerry’s journey has even taken him to meet the Pope in recent years, a testament to his wonderful spirit and adventurous soul. Now supported by our North Lanarkshire Service, Gerry enjoys daily support including visits, drama classes, regular trips to the bowling alley and coffee shops, to ensure that he has lots of social interaction with his friends which is wonderful for his mental wellbeing.

PXL 20240404 144222564Our staff treat Gerry like family, they know all his likes and dislikes and are always there for him. Gerry’s mum, Mary, who celebrates her 100th birthday later this year and his sister, Andrea, describe Capability Scotland as a lifeline, a necessity to their lives.

But the truth is that none of this would be possible without the support and donations of people like you, and this is not a unique story. There are many more children and families which will need lifelong support from Capability Scotland. At Capability Scotland, we are with the people we support every step of the way, from early years to golden years. We know there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to care. That’s why we tailor our support to fit the people and families that we support, ensuring everyone receives the personalised care they deserve.

You can be the spark that ignites a disabled person’s creativity, bolsters their confidence, and propels them towards their best life, day in and day out.

By donating today you have the power to transform their journey, building unforgettable memories and shaping a future filled with possibility.

Thank you for your support!


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