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Give a Collection Box a Home

At last, somewhere to put all those brown, silver and even gold coins lurking about your home or workplace. We'll even take any foreign coins you don't want!

In the workplace

By having one of our collecting boxes in your business or workplace you, your customers and colleagues can start making a difference to the lives of disabled adults and children right now.

We raise a substantial amount of money from our collection boxes which will be emptied regularly by one of our team or a volunteer in your area. When the box is emptied we will give you a 'thank you' letter displaying the amount collected from the box. This thanks everyone and lets them know how valuable their support is.

In the home

You can join hundreds of other Home Money Box supporters who collect their loose change and then pay it into our bank account every 6 to 12 months. What could be easier?

If you would like to find out more about collection boxes or Home Money Boxes call us now on 0131 347 1029 or e-mail [email protected]