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13 August 2020

#CreatingSmiles at Lanarkshire Houses

Creating Smiles at Lanarkshire Houses

We were delighted to receive some brilliant feedback for our Lanarkshire Houses Service. You can follow updates for Lanarkshire Houses on social media using the  #CSLanarkHouses tag.

"I am very happy to provide feedback for your Lanarkshire Houses in Carluke.

I have previously met with some of your staff prior to my recent visits and I have previously met a few of the residents. I did not speak to any residents at my recent visit - just looked through the window at his party balloons.

At my recent visit, I found your staff extremely helpful and patient. Although they are a busy group they are always very welcoming and always help. I am not a frequent visitor so I need a lot of direction to get to the right place and person. The staff appeared happy in their work and very much in control.

At previous visits, I have always been made to feel welcome and staff are willing to spend time with me to tell me all about the person I am dealing with at the time.

I found the place to be very calm, well managed. I believe your staff are coping very well under these extreme conditions and are very inventive in their efforts to manage/entertain the residents. I feel they are a very capable group with steady Team Leads.  They are a very honest, trustworthy group.

All the residents I have met previously appear to be very settled and happy and are very suspicious of my intentions as they are certain they do not want to leave. I am sure this has been a very difficult period for staff and residents alike. Staff advise as we come out of lockdown more adventurous activities will resume.

In my opinion, you have a really solid staff group and I always feel I get very straightforward information when I am gathering information for my reports."