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9 August 2021

Staff Excellence Awards 2021

2022 Awards Image

Capability Scotland is excited to launch our very first Staff Excellence Awards.

We are celebrating the best of Capability Scotland staff through seven awards:

  • Outstanding Act of Kindness Award
  • Living Our Values Everyday (LOVE) Award
  • Outstanding Customer Service Award
  • Little Acorn Award for Creativity & New Ideas
  • Outstanding Leadership Award
  • Team of the Year Award
  • The Chief Executive’s Award

Who’s eligible?

All Capability Scotland employees and volunteers who are employed at the date of the award presentation are eligible for awards (award presentation is mid-September).

Who can nominate someone?

The short answer is anyone! Nominations can be submitted by our staff, our management, our Customers, our Customer’s families, and Capability Scotland supporters.

How do I nominate someone?

There are a few ways to nominate someone, please select the most appropriate for you. What’s important is that you read the Awards Booklet prior to nominating, helping you to guide your nomination. This is available 2021 Awards Booklet.

 To nominate:

 A small committee from different levels across the organisation will evaluate the nominations and select a winner in each category. The Chief Executive award will be decided by Brian Logan. For each award, a number of questions are posed that the committee will use to evaluate the submissions. The committee will make decisions based on their knowledge of the organisation and the expectation in terms of the culture we want Capability Scotland employees and volunteers to be part of.

If you have any questions about the Staff Excellence Awards, please get in touch by email on [email protected]